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Hell of a Story - The Thing in the Walls

'I awoke in cold, clammy paranoia, an unease hung in the room as if someone had been watching me while I slept. I crawled out of bed to fetch some water and relieve myself, that usually helped these bouts of wakeful sleep. It was getting worse, I didn't want to admit it but it was.

As I rounded the corner back to my bedroom I saw IT. My heart lurched. My blood froze. Every hair on my body stood at attention. There in the dead of night the beast made itself known to me, but it retreated from my gaze as quickly as it appeared. It's long sanguine fingers drew dry scratches from the floor as it tucked itself back into the hallway cupboard and in turn; the walls of my house.

Frozen in abject terror, a sinking realization began to set in. Looking back on all those quiet nights, the smallest noises from the corners of the rooms, the eery creaks from the floorboards, the slow rustlings from the attic, all of it now had a terrifying new context. IT was living in the walls...